About Me

I started my coaching method with one goal in mind: to help people find happiness in their work, relationships and life. My background in psychology combined with my personal interest in spirituality helps others focus, reflect, and refine their lives.

I'd love to help you find your new path. See how you can work with me to discover how to live with light.

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"I finally overcame all the obstacles I kept putting in my way."

—Brandi Ortiz

"I can't wait to read the newsletter. It's my favorite way to start the weekend."

—Monet Goode

"I highly recommend the virtual course. I learned at my own pace."

—Channing Lee

"I love the flexible membership options. They keep me on track."

—Dallas Moreno

My Coaching Method


It all starts by learning how to focus on what you want.


Next, you'll reflect on what may be blocking you, and learn how to overcome these obstacles.


The last step? We learn how to continually refine what we've learned. Think of this as your new beginning.

Questions? Let's chat.

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